• Jenna Hydale

    Jenna Hydale

    You don't know much about her, but she does seem to love her puppets. She turns out to be very childish, and only around maybe six years old!
  • Lothiranad


    A massive spider in the service of Lolth, it seems to have gained a liking to Zaskia.
  • Marenthth


    A stout Mimic, he has an unearthly desire for wealth, rivaled only to dragons. He has gained a liking for the party however, after they freed him from the ruins of Vilverin and gave him some of their treasure.
  • Smad, The Lifeblood

    Smad, The Lifeblood

    The king of the goblins, he is obsessed with maintaining his youth. And he can, through his magics...
  • The Collector

    The Collector

    An mysterious elf, bent on retrieving the artifacts of some dead empire.
  • The Nameless One

    The Nameless One

    No one seems to know exactly what this creature is, but is seems like it owes something to both the Collector, and Rapheali. He also has an innate connection to nature, and animals do not flee from him, as they do to other undead.
  • Yumayu Hema

    Yumayu Hema

    Hetokyri's sister, a master in divination, chosen by Marona to be one of the few elite.